Josiah DeGraaf


Josiah DeGraaf isn’t used to writing biographies of himself and thus likely uses more passive voice than he should. Nevertheless, he grew up in Pennsylvania with seven younger siblings before he started attending Patrick Henry College in the fall of 2013. Having aged seventeen years since birth, he likely has an unhealthily over-active imagination. He can thus sometimes be caught enacting various battle scenes against imaginary opponents when he’s having trouble writing a battle scene (or when he’s just having fun).

Josiah began writing when he was six (he wasn’t so good back then!), and has continued ever since. Thankfully, his experience and skill has grown over the years. Primarily a fantasy lover, apart from a few slice-of-life short stories, he tends to mostly write fantasy novels. His dream is to build a fantasy world as deep and as broad as Tolkien’s Middle-Earth where he might be able to set all his future stories. Favorite authors include (but are not limited to) J.R.R. Tolkien (obviously), Fyodor Dostoevsky, N.D. Wilson, Stephen Lawhead, and Wayne Thomas Batson.

Josiah is an associate editor at Kingdom Pen, a free e-zine for Christian writers. He believes that messages are best communicated in writing when the writing is first a beautiful piece of art. Outside of writing, he enjoys getting lost in a good book, engaging in theological/political discussions with friends, and playing board games.

18 thoughts on “Josiah DeGraaf

  1. Hi Josiah, do you play Ascension with Taunide? Thats me, and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy it immensly. Sorry to use this place here but I wasn’t able to find your e-mail adress

  2. Aren’t there some free bonus packs? That would spice things up a bit. Or, if you don’t mind, since you are my #1 Opponent, I am willing to spend the money and make a premature christmas present. I am just not sure if I can buy something for a non-german in the iTunes Store. Let me know what you think. Is it possible to make an in-game purchase as a gift? Questions to ponder about.

    • There are no permanently free bonus packs, though they might have deals on them every once and a while. I appreciate the offer. However, I don’t think you can purchase in-game purchases as a gift, and I’d imagine the country barrier would make it difficult if it were possible. I’m considering getting some expansions anyways for Christmas, so we should be able to get some more variety in our games by then…

    • Thanks! Merry Christmas to you as well. 🙂 I got an iTunes gift card today, and since Playdek is having their massive game sale, I picked up a couple expansions; I’ll probably be slowly working through them one expansion at a time as I try to learn all the new cards!

    • Yeah; I really enjoyed Ascension before getting the expansions, and the expansions just completely gave the game a new concept/theme/etc.! 😀 I think the Storm of Souls + Immoral Heroes expansions fit my playstyle a bit more than the other two, but yeah, it’s great.

  3. Greets.. Taunide here, Is ASC on your machine as slow as on mine?? Virtually unplayable since the Update. And is there an easy way to stay in contact with you? Til then.

    • Hey, Taunide. The new update works fine with my phone; hopefully it begins to work better for you, though. :/ Do you still have my email? If so, that’s the best way to reach me; if not, I think I still have your email, so I can shoot you a message from there.

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