Brevin Anderson

Brevin Anderson is a writer. Though he’s written from a very, very young age (we don’t talk about the stories he wrote back then) it’s been only in the past few years when he’s gotten serious.

Brevin grew up in Washington–then in Uganda, East Africa. Now he’s back in the states and finishing up High School.

He’s written several (four, but who’s counting) novels and has finished a novella. He is an editor for the Cracked Pot, an online newspaper written by teens for teens and has been published in several online and print journals. In the future he hopes to make a living as a writer. Or failing that, he’ll become a politician. He really hopes for option number 1.

He plans on participating in NaNoWriMo this year–just as soon as he finishes up with WIP from last NaNo–Warbaron.

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