Short Story Struggle #1

Due to the results of the poll, I am happy to announce the first official Short Story Struggle! The rules for each one will vary, but they will always be judged on:

  1. Word choice
  2. Style
  3. Grammar
  4. Characters
  5. Plot
  6. Ending
  7. And, yes, even Brevin’s made up word, interestingability. (For all us mortals, that means how engaging and interesting the story was to read.)

Each one of the seven categories has a minimum of 1 point and a maximum of 10 points assigned to it. The story with the highest score will win. Every entry will be read and judged, and the results will be sent back to their authors with notes. However, only the top three placing stories (more if there are ties) will be shown on the site.


Knowing that. Here are the rules for this Short Story Struggle.

  • Pick an image (or two) from the image page.
  • Write a 2000-10000 word story about it.
  • First place prize will be a copy of 27 Fiction Writing Blunders – And How Not To Make Them by James Scott Bell or a ten dollar amazon gift card (winner’s choice). Second place will be a five dollar Amazon gift card. And, finally, third place prize is getting to chose the next book reviewed.

A contestant can enter up to two stories. Submit them in the contact and submit section. All stories are due midnight, New Year’s Eve.

Have fun!



5 thoughts on “Short Story Struggle #1

  1. If I have submitted a story to a different short story contest (results don’t come in until Jan 15) can I also submit the same story here? Or would you rather that I refrain from doing so?


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